In result of a multiyear effort and long-term experience, we have designed and launched for production an innovative generation of hydraulic motors, which will unquestionably contribute to the extension of the scope of applications of the broadly understood power hydraulics, so needed in the world industry. The innovative nature of these motors is the possibility to replace brand mineral oils by fluids of much lower viscosity and lubricity, e.g. vegetable oils or water-HFA emulsion of low oil concentrations in water.


The demand for such hydraulic motors has emerged mainly from the needs of underground mining, which employs high-pressure emulsion systems to mechanise excavation works. This customised (non-standard) solution – which may raise certain doubts with regard to practical applications of hydraulic motors with water-oil emulsion, associated with rather unfavourable characteristics of emulsion fluids – has positively passed tests and has been fully field-proven in several-year applications in the Polish mining industry and, since 2010, in numerous mining operations abroad. In this area, a growing interest has been observed in our products, distinguished not only by the application of emulsion fluids, but also by the robust design, innovative technical solutions, small overall dimensions and weight.

Our series production includes model ranges of hydraulic satellite motors, especially of small HP, which have for years been used to drive tools and other gear necessary to mechanise auxiliary works in the mining process and using the existing emulsion systems.

The possibility of using fluids other than mineral oils to drive our motors opens a perspective for their environment-friendly applications with fluids of ecological features, e.g. vegetable oils.
The new generation of SM type hydraulic satellite motors may replace the produced so far hydraulic gerotor motors. The technical parameters of our motors are not in any way inferior to those of gerotor motors, despite the use of much worse hydraulic fluids, while being much superior in many aspects, including:

– higher rotation ranges,
– higher supply pressure,
– higher resistance to hydraulic fluid contamination,
– a more favourable weight-to-power ratio.

They may also simply replace electric motors, which have commonly been used in drive systems of mechanic facilities within the range of emulsion supply systems in the underground mining. We have obtained the presented effects in result of high-precision manufacturing process, the use of special materials, including sintered carbides, and of the chemical-thermal surface hardening technology. Even if the higher unit production costs may be perceived as a lowlight, they are gradually compensated by the much higher durability and longer life of emulsion-supplied SM motors.

Taking into account the small size and weight of our motors, the broadest range of their applications may be found in drives of many small portable tools, accounted to the group of the so-called small mechanisation in the underground mining. We have also designed motors with a combined hydraulic & spring-operated brake with an integrated control system, beneficial for machines and equipment, which demand operation blockade in standstill periods.

Features which distinguish satellite SM motors:

– a possibility of their use with fluids of low viscosity and lubricity, such as HFA emulsions, vegetable oils, etc.,
– high rotation and pressure ranges, operational stability at very low RPM,
– higher resistance to hydraulic fluid contaminations vs. gerotor motors – medium tolerance (100 µ) filters are satisfactory,
– favourable weight-to-power ratio,
– cost-effective use by cheap and easy regeneration, repeatable practically for an unlimited amount of times.