Evolution of dimensions of the working mechanism of SM motors

SM Hydro roots come from the experience of decades of coal mining in Silesia, Poland.

Since the 1970s’, followed a rapid development of mechanization in underground coal mining, in which the hydraulics had its special share. This was a period of introduction of large-scale hydraulic roof supports, coal mining shearer loaders and installationof large emulsion hydraulic power units. At the same time arose the urgent need for the development of mechanization for a wide range of auxiliaryworks, which must accompany the core process of coal extraction. For this purpose a hydraulic drive unit or rotary hydraulic motor was needed, best capable of running at the same time on the emulsion available from the hydraulic networks(mains) introduced in the mines. Complete lack of such a product was an inspiration to fill this gap and the result, after years of research and development, was the satellite emulsion-powered motor with a short symbol – SM. And so went into operation the company Stosowanie Maszyn, which by now has been transformed –together with the company Hydromasz–into the Group of SM Hydro.

On the basis of the first motors – prototypes made by its’ predecessors – SM Hydro developed a range of drills, wrenches, band sawing/cutting machines, saw chains, motor-pumping units, pumps, hydraulic hoistsetc.. Years of research and experience meant that patented SM motors became one of the most durable on the market, for the sake of the material from which they were created: sintered carbide.

The activities and innovation undertaken by the company has been recognized with many awards in competitions both in Poland and abroad. Today, the company – born from the passion, experience and diligence – is a respected manufacturer and supplier of mining equipment in the world. And increasingly beyond mining as well.