SM Hydro is a combination of experience and innovation. SM Hydro Group is a continuation of the company Stosowanie Maszyn, existing since 1991, and constantly creates new quality in its’ products. The company offers innovative solutions in the field of hydraulics, dedicated especially for the mining industry, but increasingly also for other sectors of industry. SM Hydro is currently the leader among manufacturers of satellite hydraulic motors and low power devices and portable hydraulic equipment powered by SM motors.

In addition, SM Hydro Group is the exclusive manufacturer for Poland of linings for mining applications produced under license agreement with the German company Becorit GmbH.

Many years of internal research and scientific work on motors of small hydraulic power supply – which may operate on a low-oil emulsion HFA (concentration of 1 % oil in water), resulted in the production of indigenous series of hydraulic motors , and thus their application to portable mining equipment, such as hand tools to facilitate work in a mine and a number of other devices. Hydraulic motors are needed in the wider mechanization of auxiliary work in the mining industry, and SM Hydro as a valued and recognized manufacturer utilizes,the abundant in modern mining, low-oil emulsion (used to power i.e. roof supports) in order to power them.

SM Hydro Group – with its range of products – is already present in the Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, China, USA, Turkey and Russia – thus supplying equipment not only to domestic customers.