Compact hydraulic motor-pump units are a combination of SM hydraulic motors with PSM satellite pumps . The primary purpose of this system is that it can work with two different liquids and transfer the energy supply from the hydraulic motor fluid to the fluid of the hydraulic pump.
Versatility of our unit is the ability to run it with low-oil emulsion HFA , as well as hydraulic oils. The hydraulic unit, in the event of availability of network(mains) emulsion as power, is used to generate pressure by cooperating with the high-pressure pump i.e. for water injection in carbon inbumping prevention in mining operations, for sprinkling dust, producing a mist of water, etc. With the availability of pressure from hydraulic oil supply of other hydraulic machines, a KAH/SM unit may do similar tasks as under power emulsion.
KAH/SM unit is a practical and mobile device. In relation to the parameters of similar units/sets it is characterized undoubtedly by its small dimensions and low weight.