The hydraulic manoeuvre station STM / SM is a compact, mobile and lightweight device for shunting, transport and lifting.

The versatile device with a relatively large pulling force (3/6MT ) in relation to its mass (~ 250 kg ) is used for transport and assembly works with a range of chain length of the tendon (~ 40 mb ).

Small weight of the unit allows for easy movement into the most convenient place of work, especially in reinforced walls present in modern mines. Hydraulic motor with integrated brakes provides self-locking of the device during power switch-off. The double chain drive wheel articulation automatically adjusts the angle direction to tension the chain drive wheel vertically and horizontally. Stepless variable speed control provides the ability to safely perform the work of transport and assembly . The applied emulsion-run hydraulic motor drive does not require a power unit, which is usually installed as the primary power source in typical mechanized mining systems. STM/SM manoeuvre stations can also be poweredby hydraulicoil based systems of other working machines with hydraulic drive (i.e. roadheaders).