The idea of hydraulic low-oil emulsion motors was born with the introduction of high-pressure emulsion hydraulic networks(mains) necessary for mining operations using mechanized roof supports.

Using our research, extensive experience , as well as grassroots work – we now develop and implement innovative technology to assist in the hard work of the miners. Whilst ensuring efficiency, safety and ecology at the same time.


Development is our way of doing business. We are currently the leader in the specific field of technologies for the mining industry. For the future- we wish to introduce our solutions to other industries dispatching new generations of hydraulic motors. We focus on continuous improvement of our skills and innovation. We constantly conduct research work on SM satellite motors in order to improve the operational performance of equipment and expand the scope of their application. We constantly create new products driven by our motors, and design not only for the mining industry. We operate at the same time in close cooperation with the scientific and research institutions and academics, primarily with the Faculty of Hydraulics & Pneumatics – Gdansk University of Technology.

Tadeusz Szwajca – SM Hydro
Group founder